How to: Add More Comfort to Your Home


One of the main things people say when they visit our home for the first time is, "your place is so cozy."  It's a lovely compliment to get. And I can only agree.

1. Candles: Whether winter or summer, I usually burn candles at night. They are so soothing somehow. I don't know what it is about them but they do wonders for making a space feel comfortable and cozy.

2. Warm Tones: We have several warm toned pieces of furniture and a whole lot of wood. This really helps the space feel inviting and natural.

3. Pillows: I've only recently discovered the magic of pillows, both for their snuggly-ness and their aesthetic. I bought a few pillows from Karli Ingersoll's shop, and I love what they add to the look of our space.

4. Blankets: Naturally with pillows, there should be blankets.  I've noticed that even guests will take a blanket from this big inviting basket, just for the sake of getting snuggly.

5. Tunes: Putting on a record or some soothing digital tunes improves the vibe and the atmosphere of a space immensely. I've been listening to some soothy, groovy artists on Spotify such as: David Lamitre, Beachhouse, Gregory Alan Isakov, Release the Sunbird, Rodriguez. I may buy one of their records soon.

Do you have any comfy cozy tips to share?

Have a lovely comfy evening.



How Hospitality Enriches My Life


Having visitors and guests at our home really makes my life a whole lot better. It may seem like a very selfless thing, but here are my selfish reasons for loving being a hostess! 

I clean my house more frequently. This is actually a great benefit. I love having a clean tidy home, but I know that if we didn't have frequent guests it wouldn't be as tidy as it is these days. I have a lot of things and am naturally a bit disorderly, so knowing people are coming over soon is a real motivator to tidy up and clean small areas of our home.

I can be a homebody and have great times with friends. We have a wonderful home, I love being here. I am inclined to stay in. Inviting people to my home is a double win. I can stay in, but still have community and build relationships.

It feels so good. I can't lie and say it's not a bit selfish. I love having people enjoy our food, drink, atmosphere, and company when they come over. One of the best, most rewarding things is to have people enjoy themselves at our place. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that our guests feel at home.

Do you have people over much? I can only recommend it!



A Quick Way to Get Productive


Set a timer and  determine a reward. It's important for me to set aside specific time and to have a small reward in place so that I can mark my accomplishment for whichever task is at hand.

1. Putting a timer on helps me stay focused. I usually work in either 30 or 50 minute intervals depending on how long I need to do something. I'll take 5 minute breaks in between. I use my IPhone as a timer, and sometimes use apps like, 30/30 or Weple Today. Setting the timer, and putting away all other distractions for a scheduled amount of time helps me to focus tremendously. It's important to take 5-10 minute breaks every hour, get up and move around, get something to drink, or get some fresh air. If you just power through you're more likely loose steam faster, and it's not very healthy to stay in one position for too long.

2. Rewards motivate me immensely. I have noticed that if I determine a small reward that I can treat myself with, I am more motivated to follow through. It could be as small as a cocktail at the end of the workday, a magazine, or it could be as big as a pair of fair-trade designer shoes. The important thing is that my accomplishment is acknowledged and I can mark my progress. The treat is just symbolic and fun.

I'm writing this post for you as much as I am for myself. 

It's a new year. A new chance to really do what we have been wanting to do. Let's get shit done.

Thanks for reading.



5 Goals for 2015


I love the fresh start of a new year. It always gets me thinking about what I want to prioritize and keep in mind the next 12 months. Past years I've had super long lists, this year I am trying to keep them concise and earnest.

1. Take Time to Make:
This year one of my main focuses is to make time for creating. I'd like to designate a large portion of one day a week to being creative and making art.

2. Be Present:
I'd like to make sure to be present more often this year. Frequently, I avoid times to daydream and reflect by going onto my smartphone or checking my email. Taking time away from technology to let my mind wander and take in my surroundings will help me to be more present and reflective daily.

3. Declutter:
Our home is not super overcrowded, and I've been making good progress keeping our home organized, but we still have a whole lot that could be given away or tossed out. I think I'll be frequenting this year for inspiration and tips.

4. Keep Date-Night Sacred:
These past few months Dominik and I have let date-night slide. We have not given quality time seniority. I know that I feel much closer to him, we have more grace for each other, and are generally more loving when we set aside time for each other.

5. Prioritize Myself:
I know this may sound selfish, but I would like to focus on me a bit more, so that I will be a better healthier person for my husband, friends, and family. This year I'd like to sit up straighter, workout consistently, and eat healthier. I'm hoping all these things will give me more energy and make me feel great!

What are your goals for this year?



Re-Blog: Holiday Cheer Punch Recipe


Last year I shared this holiday punch recipe and I have made it this year again. It's as good as ever! It's really become a holiday staple at the Baer's. 

We have served this punch a few times this holiday season and our guests seem to really enjoy it.  It is sweet, spicy and sour, and great because designated drivers and young children can enjoy it without getting tipsy. (The alcohol is added upon serving).  It warms my belly during the holidays and fills me with glee, that's why I've named it Holiday Cheer!

Christmas Wishlist


1. Lo and Sons- Claremont camera bag.
2. Wear No Evil- a book about how to change the world with your fashion choices.

3. Instant portable printer. What a dream come true!
4. Lena Duhnam's book. photograph c/o Literally Darling
5. apothecary supplies - to make natural creams and cosmetics.
6. a sweater dress.

What's on your wish list for christmas?

Have a lovely sunday.