This summer I am hoping to take time to make, and to practice drawing. I have challenged myself, my students and now I am challenging you!

Draw this summer! Draw as many drawings as you can. I am hoping to draw 50 drawings. I am hoping to draw daily for at least 10 minutes. I will use real-life objects, people, books, whatever gets me to draw something!

Art Investigation: Part 2: Research


After I finished with the brainstorming part of the investigation, I then began researching about the topic.

As I mentioned in my last post in this series, I've decided on the idea of "nesting".  I am interested to find some connections between birds and human nesting behaviors.

SUBJECT MATTER: *I think, it's important, when making art, to think visually throughout the whole planning process. I made a list of subject matter associated with nesting; such as, birds, nests, inside spaces, nature, feathers, eggs, house hold items, etc...

MY APPROACH: Then I took a bit of time to think of what makes my approach to this topic unique and individual. "Having lived in multiple countries, I have struggled to identify my home. I have made my home here. In this flat and this is the place I belong. I am drawn to make a home/nest here. I belong here," this is some writing from my sketchbook.

RESEARCH: Having decided my point of view, I wanted to find some connections between humans and birds. So, naturally I began to research a bit about birds and their nesting patterns. I checked out some books about birds from the library, watched a few online documentaries about birds, etc.  I also collected a number of questions that interested me about the subject.

Did you know that male Bowerbirds build colorful little huts for the females to come and checkout

Did you know that Bowerbird males set up a color coordinated little hut for the female to check out, before she decides to mate with him. Haha. Isn't that just darling.

The research part is a really fun part for me!!!

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?



Every Day Delights


One trait that I want to foster and grow in is being grateful. Collecting my Every Day Delights helps me do just this. So, here are some of my most favourite things from the past few weeks. 

We skipped town for a night and camped by a lake with a few friends. I knew that I wouldn't really be able to rest at home for those two days, because of the busy times ahead, so leaving home, just for a night was a great idea. 

I had the pleasure of organizing a very successful FROHMARKT (creative market), with a lovely group of ladies. The market was at Action House, we had over 500 visitors and the weather was wunderbar!!! 

I turned 29 years old on the 27th of May. It feels great, I'm delighted by the living I have experienced so far, and excited for the years to come. ///   I had the pleasure of preparing all my middle school art students for an exhibition  and had to prepare their grades for the end of year reports (grades aren't really a delight but, when they were done, I felt wonderful).

In just one weeks time we have summer holidays from school. It will be so very wonderful to have more time to create, enjoy the warm weather, and have some family time. 

What have been your delights these days?

Thanks for reading lovelies! 



Growing up: at 28


Getting older, I don't mind it. Not yet anyway. 

Growing up, it means more freedom and more responsibility. Dominik (my husband) says I've really changed. I am just as motivated and able to relax as ever, but Dom says there are a few small things that have changed drastically since he met me at 17 years old. I think responsibility and freedom are the two things that have influenced these little changes. 

He says I've cleaned up a lot. haha. I am much more punctual and tidy. My clothing, the spaces I live and work in, have all become more neat. 

I have changed. Those of you that knew me just 7 years ago are probably nodding your heads right now. I was dressed super raggedy. At that time I was volunteer at a homeless youth center, and one day one of the street kids asked me, "Hey Anna, are you one of the volunteers or clients here?" It was pretty clear that I looked like I lived on the streets. I had always worn what I wanted, regardless of what others around me were wearing. I wore the same thing almost every day. In college, my clothes said, "I don't care." 

One year after that, I was done with my masters in teaching, wearing pencil skirts, and granny blouses. Growing up to me at 24 meant dressing like an old lady. Teaching was the first time in my life that I was in charge, fully in charge (responsibility). This is when getting places on time and dressing a bit more presentable became necessary. My punctuality and appearance reflected me, and making a good impression with my appearance mattered, for what felt like the first time. I remember it being really uncomfortable to dress a certain way for others. It plagued me, almost morally. 

Growing up at 28 is embracing freedom and responsibility, in turn, doing what's right for me, but ready to put others above myself. I think I'm finding a healthier balance in myself, and in my style. I dress presentably. I try to wear things that are multifunctional, that I can wear teaching, playing music, or travel in. Having the freedom to do all these wonderful things comes with a lot of responsibility. I love growing up!

It's interesting, looking at the superficial changes that have been happening in my 20s. It's fun to try and find out what was and is motivating me to dress and act the way I do.

Superficial changes usually indicate inner changes. Agree or disagree?


P.S. I turn 29 on Wednesday. We'll see what growing up to me means at 29...



This weekend we are enjoying tunes at Maifeld Derby in Mannheim. I have asked to go to this festival the past two years as my birthday present from Dominik (he doesn't mind at all). They have a great lineup and it is super close to our house. We can even take the train home at night and sleep in our own beds which is super luxurious compared to most festival experiences. haha. 

This year's draws for me have been Jose Gonzalez and Musee Mecanique!

I can't help but share all the wonderful acts at Maifeld Derby Festival on Instagram. Follow along if you like!  



Shop Update: Spring 2015

My sister-in-law Jessie and I worked on a little shop update this past two weeks. We listed some treasures that have been hiding in my secret collection for quite some time. I haven't worked on my vintage shop in a long time! But I'd really like to regularly update it this spring and summer!

Check out this wicked two piece dress!

It's finally time to debut some lovely models that I have recruited over the years. My delightful friend Patricia looked bomb in this two piece dress!

Apart from this floral summer look, here are some wicked rocker leather pants!

and this is my friend Caro; isn't she super pretty and cute!

Last but not least my lovely sister-in-law Jessie, isn't she a looker.

To check out other vintage shop items, you are welcome to visit my online shop or visit me locally at Frohmarkt at Action House on June 14th!

I feel really inspired to get work done, to follow my passions. I usually feel overwhelmed by my long list of hobbies and creative tasks. But this spring, I am ready to do what I can. I can create when I can, make, write, design when I can and that's as much as I can do. There's no pressure to do all of it but I am trying to be intentional about scheduling time to do some of these things I have really been wanting to do, like work on my shop and post some new things!

Thanks for reading lovelies!