Thursday, October 16, 2014

Natural Ladies

You know about my recent obsession with natural beauty products and how I've been creating some and using many, well, this summer I joined in on a natural perfume making workshop. It was held at Moorea Seal's shop in Seattle.  My friend Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky lead the workshop.  

We all got a little guide book (pictured above), and we able to mix any number of essential oils to make our own signature perfume. 

 The scent I made turned out really sweet, with rosemary as my base. I wear it on days I want to feel warm and cozy. It's perfect for fall.

To read more about my natural journey click here.

Or to check Delightfully Tacky's natural living tips, read her blog here.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Shop Window Live: Moorea Seal

While in Seattle this summer I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely Moorea Seal and her shop.  She has such great taste. Her shop is wonderfully curated and has such thoughtful displays.

 Her brick and mortar shop has a delightful variety of products. She has stationary, wall art, clothing, bags, jewellery, candles, and many other treasures.

Moorea has been an online friend of mine for some time and it was great to finally meet her in person.

She is incredibly down to earth and such a go getter. She is an inspiration to me and thousands of others!

For those of you who don't live in Seattle, like me, we are in luck. She has a blog and an online shop at

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Up Next: Essentail oils workshop with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky at Moorea Seal's shop in Seattle. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

as a small child

Our next stop was LA, California to visit our friend BenJamin. Jamin is one of my best friends from growing up in Thailand. The strange thing is that, I spent my first 7 years in southern California as a child. He lives now, where I was born and lived just before I met him in Thailand. 

While in LA, there were so many memories and familiar smells that came back to me from times living there as a small child. I almost felt like a child again, running into the ocean, playing in the sand, weaving the seaweed and drift-twigs.  

 I never realised that southern california did feel like a home to me. The smell of the salt and kelp on the beach was so familiar.

I knew the smell of eucalyptus trees and how their bark is so white.

I wanted to visit all the houses we lived in while in California, and to eat at my favourite Mexican restaurant, to visit my school and just to walk down memory lane, but we only had one short weekend in LA. 

We made new memories with good friends, which was just dandy! 

Then, we headed up north along the coast to be with more family and friends.

Back on the train. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Whoops, Hiking in Birkenstocks

While on our Amtrak trip across the USA we wanted to make sure to experience some of the amazing wonders of nature. So, as one does when traveling west, we stopped in Flag Staff, Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon.

It was just as we imagined it, breathtaking.

 We hiked in for an hour into the canyon, and then an hour out. We weren't very prepared for hiking. I only had my birks and Dominik wore his leather sneakers. Whoops, oh well, the views were so worth it. Plus, I got to have some quality time with my man.

It was lovely to celebrate this bit of my home country with my husband. The past 4 years we've been enjoying living in his native land and it did my heart good to enjoy my home country and its beauty for a change.



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 Most Wonderful Things about Amtrak

Dominik and I traveled across the USA for 11 days using Amtrak. We bought a 15 day pass and went from NYC-Chicago-Kansas City-Grand Canyon-Los Angeles-Portland-Seattle. It was wonderful!!!

1. Being able to see so many parts of the country, without either of us having to drive. We could read books, snooze, look out of the "Observation Deck" (in the photo above). It was so nice to be traveling without one of us having to always stay awake and get a backache. 

2. Seeing such a variety of landscape. We saw fields, mountains, deserts, forests, rivers, canyons and seas. It was such a treat to fall asleep in the desert and then wake up in the forest.

3. There aren't any billboards and MacDonalds every few miles. The railroad lines are out in nature. The scenery wasn't ruined by ads and gas stations, it was miles of nature and getting to peek into people's backyards, and see the city centres of towns on the way.

Bonus #4. Taking life slow. Flying would have been the most logical thing to do on our trip. But instead we decided to crawl across the country and take in our surroundings. It's such a wonderful thing to consciously slow down and decrease the fast pace of everyday life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Natural Shampoo- Boozy Locks

A friend from college has started her own soap/shampoo business called BoozyLocks. BoozyLocks is an all natural shampoo which some beer in it. I bought a bar from her online shop to try it out.  It smells lovely and has worked well in my hair.

And because I love supporting small creative business owners I decided I would write a post raving about her product!

It took a few washes/days for my hair to get used to the natural shampoo. The first wash with it, was strange. I lathered it up in my hands and then massaged it in. It didn't really foam and feel like a normal shampoo. I then rinsed it out. After the first wash my hair still felt greasy. I tied it up in a bun and tried the next day. I washed it again, and it still was different than it feels after other "normal"/un-natural shampoo.

Then, I didn't wash it for a few days, finally washed it again with BoozyLocks and it felt much cleaner, but much less dry than it usually does.

That first week was rough to get through but it was worth it!

Now, I wash it with shampoo twice/three times a week. It feels really healthy.

It's always nice to find new things that work for me.

Alrighty, that's the end of my rave about BoozyLocks!

I have very curly dry hair. We all have different hair, what works for me my not work for you. 

Have a lovely day!



Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sammlerin (Collector)

I've been on a bit of a vinyl record hunt lately, collecting my favourite albums. In Chicago, Wicker Park, I bought Joanna Newsom's Y's record. It's super lovely.  Joanna Newsom is one of the ballsyiest singers I know. She has a wild voice, wonderful melodies, and tells such fantastical stories in her tunes.

If you could just listen to one record for the rest of your life what would it be?
(You won't have to listen to it continuously... Just, it would be the only one you could listen to...)

I'd love to hear, who you love to listen to...


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chicago by Night

 Chicago is a beautiful place to walk around after dark.  It has wonderfully lit streets, fun public art, and interesting people watching.

 Cloud Gate (The Bean) by Anish Kapoor, is pretty wild and fun to walk around.

 Crown Fountain is an interactive public sculpture which spews water every 10 minutes or so out of the video faces on the towers... Very cool!

Chicago's streets are illuminated so well at night, we felt very safe and were wondering why. Then we realised it was almost day bright outside.

We'll have to come back and spend more time here.



Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chicago Times

 Chicago has a beautiful skyline. It's a big city with a midwest feel. We were only there for a day and a half, but we loved it.
 We stayed at Hi-Chicago Hosel downtown. It was a great place to catch a train anywhere.

 Filter Coffee, in Wicker Park, was a hip place to get work done and read a book. I loved their vintage floral couches and their sweet potato fries

 When in Chicago it's nice to visit Reckless Records, I picked up a Joanna Newsom record.

If you're in Chicago in July and like to snack, check out Taste of Chicago.

Have you ever been to Chicago? What places would you recommend?