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Artist Residency, Berlin Artist Studio, AnnaBaer
my studio space at Berlin Art Institute
When telling Dominik (my husby) about this opportunity to go to an artist residency, he, at first, was hesitant, because it wasn't cheap...and I would be away from him for a month. The same reasons I was quite hesitant about it. But then after just a nights sleep he was pretty sure I should do it. He even insisted that I attend. It would be such a great opportunity and I am so very pleased I have taken it. 

I am at the end of my second week here and I could not be more grateful for my time so far. I am away from all distractions, I'm in the young art capital of Germany, and am surrounded by other wonderful creatives. I have nothing I have to do except grow this little baby in my belly and make art. How wonderful is my life! 
I have been working in several mediums, painting, photography, and collage. I am making some things that I am really loving. My new artwork is communicating where my mind is and what I've been noticing about my thinking lately. Since becoming pregnant by life and this baby's life have been both in and out of my control.

At the beginning of the pregnancy my life felt totally out of control. I was feeling terribly, I feared a miscarriage, I was told by my doctor that I couldn't work at school for the duration of the pregnancy! What? I didn't feel like it was me or my life I was living. Totally out of control. When things are out of my control I have to kind of re-find my footing and try to live in this balance of chaos and control. I needed to make the most of this time of pivot and change in my life. And as an artist it's only natural that these thoughts and experiences manifest themselves in my artwork.

I’m curious about finding calm and contentment in the places we are and the places we want to be, in times we can take charge and times we have to let go. In these tiny mini paintings,  I hope to bring you into a tiny tranquil, restful space as I share my investigation into control and freedom.
Tiny round painting mixed media collage artist contemporary

Tiny round painting mixed media collage artist contemporary

The second series that I am pleased with is a diptych of photographs I took which follow in this idea of control and letting go of control. As mentioned above, this was really emphasized when I became pregnant. I felt a total lack of control over my body and the baby's health, but there is a beauty in this surrender of control.

This work is a stand alone piece or part of a diptych in my quiet series. In these photographs I take a posture of peaceful surrender to the task of carrying a child.         

photograph, photography, portrait, portraiture, quiet, woman, women, calm, selfportrait, figurative, maternal, minimalism

photograph, photography, portrait, portraiture, quiet, woman, women, calm, selfportrait, figurative, maternal, minimalism

photograph, photography, portrait, portraiture, quiet, woman, women, calm, selfportrait, figurative, maternal, minimalism

It's a bit scary to put myself out there this much. Especially my artwork, I am self-conscious and struggle to be content with the work I produce. But I am finally creating consistently and making meaningful work and it feels so good!!! 

Do you find that my work communicates my intentions? I'd love to hear your feedback. 

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Hosting and Guesting on Airbnb


I've been thinking a lot about the concept of home lately. Where I feel at home? What makes me feel at home? How I'm a homebody. And I've been thinking about how I love to share my home. I recently remembered that as a kid I wanted to run a guest house. I guess I already had the hospitality bug back then.

I've already done a post about how hospitality enriches life. That post was about hospitality in general, but I also wanted to share about our wonderful experiences with Airbnb as guests and hosts. Airbnb is a website on which private people can rent out rooms in their homes, or their whole flats to people traveling to their area.

We began our love for Airbnb as guests. As a traveler, Airbnb a great way to have cheap accommodation and to stay in a more comfortable space than at a hostel or hotel. Generally you have access to a kitchen, which is nice for preparing breakfasts and making tea in the evenings. But it's also fun to get to know locals and get some insider tips about places to go and see in their town. We've stayed in people's homes in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. Again, I'm a 30 year old, home body, who generally travels on a budget so staying at someone's home when traveling is a lot more comfortable for me than a shared bedroom in a hostel.

As a host, it's not only a great source of extra moneys but a fun way to meet people and share your cozy space with them. There is a great accountability system in place on the website which rates the guests and hosts on communication and cleanliness, etc. It's also great because the payments happen through the website which gives both parties some security, and just saves for that awkward moment of asking for payment in person. We have yet to have guests who were disruptive, or super messy. They have all been very pleasant and fun to host.

About two years ago, a couple arrived at our home, just excited to have a home-base after having backpacked for 3 weeks. The man was a chef and they voluntarily and lovingly slaved away in our kitchen preparing us an amazing meal, which we enjoyed in the garden together. This is just one example of a lot of fun guests we have had over the years. And you get paid for this! The extra cash is great, don't get me wrong but meeting people and sharing our home is the best part.

So if you don't have a van to travel in for your next vacation, try out Airbnb. Or if you have an extra room and are interested in sharing your wicked space and getting some pocket money, try out Airbnb. You may be surprised at the good vibes and fun to be had in a shared economy experience like this.

Where is your next dream travel destination?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Series: if our home were on fire #2


if our home were on fire #2 , Anna Baer, 2015, photograph

I photograph you and write to you as a way of saying good bye, in case we ever part ways. You've been precious to me.

If I could take a few possessions with me in case of an evacuation, I would take this box brownie camera. It is a camera from 1901. This is the first hand held camera for the masses. It was easy to operate and conveniently used film instead of glass negatives. I bought this camera for a steal at an antique store in Spokane, Washington for 10$. At the time I acquired it, I was I was working in the photography darkroom a lot and was falling in love with the process. 

I know I could replace it, but it represents my love for photography and capturing beautiful moments of life. It also, because it is such an important camera historically, represents my love and appreciation of art history. I love being part of this long history of artistic pursuits and delighting in the every day. 

I photograph you and write to you as a way of saying good bye, in case we ever part ways. You've been precious to me.

What is a precious possession you have been holding on to?

What stories are connected to it?  Bring it out from where it was hiding and display it.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Calm Giveaway Winner...


And the winner of the year of Calm is... ELIZABETH MORENO   Congratulations!
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Recluse #6, Anna Baer, 2015, 50X50cm, Acrylic on canvas, 

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Thank you to all of you who participated. It's always nice to give something great, away.



Creativity: Morning Pages


I've started off every day the past two weeks with Morning Pages. It's a practice in which the first thing you do when you wake up is write a few pages down. There's no pressure and there should be no editing as you write. Julia Cameron started them I believe, they are meant to be stream of consciousness and longhand. I type them on my computer because I find that it's easier to write faster and more stream of consciousness if I am typing. The goal is 3 pages, I have been achieving two or three.

I've been hearing about #MorningPages in several different locations. I first heard about them on I think a RadioLab podcast, and then I recently read about them in Art Inc. a book by Lisa Congdon, another podcast called Art For Your Ear, by Danielle Krysa, mentioned them too. I was wondering why all these creative people were doing these Morning Pages and wanted to see for myself whether they were worthwhile.

Recluse #4, Anna Baer, 2015, 50X50cm, Acrylic on canvas, 
I am finding Morning Pages to be a great way to begin the day and let my thoughts be put down on paper. It's not great material that I am producing but it's making me realize a bit more what my thoughts are about things. At times they are complaints (I'm not a morning person!!!) or frustrations, sometimes they are lists of things I want to remember or forgot. At times, I get ideas for artworks and blog posts when writing, which is a fun by-product.

This pregnancy has brought out the desire to intentionally reflect again. It also has produced quite a few worries and anxieties in addition to all the joys and excitements, when one is with-child. I used to keep journals growing up, but I haven't kept a written one in sometime. It's a relief to write and write, knowing that I don't need to push publish or share my words with anyone unless I choose to expand on something.

Have you ever tried anything like morning pages?  Interested in trying it for the next two weeks with me?

Thanks for reading lovelies.


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Artist Residency: Berlin


I'm off to Berlin for an artist residency. I am dedicating a month away to making art in the capital of Germany. Away from my home, friends, family, except the baby in my belly he/she's coming with me.

I'm participating in an artist residency at Berlin Art Institute for the month. YAY! I'm hoping for it to be a time of focus, feedback, and growth. I have been feeling somewhat like an island here in Heidelberg. I do blog/co-work at Action House but I long to be around other artists and to discuss and talk about my and their work.

Reading through the Berlin Art Institute's Studio Program makes me really excited about my time there: studio space, workshops, critiques about my work, a few lectures, etc. I am so delighted for the opportunity. I'll be living in the van, and it is pricey, but I'm really hopeful that it will be a great next step into artisthood. I just can't pass up the chance. We're paying for this residency out of our own pockets, but for upcoming residencies and artistic endeavors we may need to seek some support.

My hope is that, by the end of my time in Berlin I will have:

  • gotten feedback and discussed my artwork with artists, curators, and gallerists
  • sharpened my focus conceptually
  • experimented and discovered new ways to communicate my ideas visually
  • a collection of strong pieces for my shop, portfolio, and art show in October

This sounds like a lot. It is a lot, but I'm hoping that without a home, husband, and friends to distract me, I can zoom in and focus on myself as an artist.

Thanks for encouraging me in my artistic pursuits and as always, thanks for reading lovelies!


P.S. Don't forget the Calm app giveaway ends on Tuesday the 13th of September.