Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

I have been collecting some bedroom inspiration because I am not happy with it at all.  Though we only really sleep and get dressed in here, it feels like it should be simple, tidy and functional.

We've been working on our bedroom the past few months and it's not "finished." I don't know if any room in our house ever really be finished. The picture above is what it has looked like of the past 2 years... This is the view hiding a giant closet, and clothes rack (the unsightliness).  The bed is actually just the bed frame from our old loft bed, which you can from our old tiny studio flat. Check out that space, here and here.  We haven't been using a real bed...

A real bed was first on our list...

So, on to the inspiration. click images for sources. 

I need to find a closet solution. Our bedroom is so tiny that the giant closet just over powers the whole space. ggrrrh...

Have any of you ever built a hanging clothes rack before? I don't know if it will look too cluttered or not. I have a feeling it won't. 

Well, we'll see how it turns out.  

I'll keep you updated on how bedroom improvements come along. 



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happier: Grace Bonney at Design Sponge

I have recently been researching and gleaning information about happiness. What makes one happy, and how to stay happy. So, I've started this little series on my blog called “Happier,” which features some of my favourite bloggers/creatives and what three things they do to stay happy.  

What do you do to stay happy?

Today, we hear from Grace Bonney, who runs the blog Design Sponge. She is an incredibly delightful human, who has most recently been inspiring me in her podcast, about business and design, After the Jump

What three things do you do to stay happy?

"Hi Anna,

Thanks for thinking of me. My things are always changing, 
but here are my current 3:

1. Take our dog for a walk. It's hard to stay upset or down when you realize how many simple pleasures there are in life. Hope (our dog) makes me stop and realize the power of a nice breeze and watching the birds fly by.

2. Order a new book or read a new chapter. I've been reading a lot of books lately from various writers, buddhist monks, marketing gurus and local comedians. Each one brings a bit of wisdom or laughter into my day and gets me away from the stress that the internet can often be.

3. Admit that I'm unhappy. Having a moment that's rough is only made rougher by denying it. Giving myself a bit of time to feel upset, confide in someone else and work through it always makes me happier. Happy because I realize how appreciative I am to have friends who will help me through something and happy because I realize that I'm more resilient and stronger than I think.

g :) "

(all images from Grace's Instagram account @designsponge)

Thank you lovelies for reading! 

And Grace, Thanks a bunch for your time and your unending inspiration. I really appreciate it. 



What do you do to stay happy?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happiness, with Just a Bit of Guilt

I have been thinking about happiness lately and some of the things that make me happy are things I feel a bit guilty about. So, I thought I'd update my guilty pleasures list, and share it with you today.

Cocktails in the Afternoons: There isn't much that's better than an alcoholic beverage right after work. 

Reality TV: Project Runway, Germany's Next Top Model, Hoarders, The Biggest Loser, I love reality TV, especially the ones that change lives or challenge people to do creative things.

(image linked to its source)

Silently and Secretly Looking at Pinterest: This happens in bed in the mornings or nights when I can't sleep, as my husband snores next to me. No one is the wiser that I am pinning organisational tips for my art classroom or gleaning information about keeping plants alive. 

Frozen Spring Rolls: They are the kind you just have to pop into the oven for a few minutes. Oh they are yummy. 

Choosing to NOT go to the gym and watch "sodes" (episodes) instead!

Racey Novels: Nothing too wild, I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I did just read Norwegian Wood, which had some pleasantly steamy parts. 

I will surely be indulging in a few of these over the week. 


What are your guilty pleasures?  Do we share any?  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Olive Delights: 7.4.2014

Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

1. Playing a show with my husband this week was probably the most lovely thing. A few of my students came to the show which was fun.

2. Now that I have a job and an unlimited contract at school, I feel much more grounded. I know we will be sticking around in Heidelberg for a few more years so it's getting my home improvement juices flowing. The bedroom and garden are priorities, but the doors are also in pretty ruff shape. I know chalkboard paint is over done, but a nice black door could be fancy...

3. This bedroom is simplistic and functional. But where are the wardrobes?

4. I hope to make sushi at home one of these days.

5. I bought this new natural face cream from Die Froehliche Seife and I am super in love with it. It is refreshing and makes my face feel so fine!

6. I painted my nails over the weekend, then after one day as art teacher they have blue specks of paint on them. I kind of like that about being an art teacher, I still use my hands.

7. I love the look of this closet.

8. Ariele Alasko's home and studio space is wonderful and I love how many of the photos feature her pets...

9. I'm going to do some linoleum cuts with my gr 7s soon.

10. We're flying to Thailand on Saturday!  I cannot wait.  For you to get a taste of it too, visit A Beautiful Mess for a Thai tea frappe recipe!
Thanks for reading lovelies.

What have you been delighting in this week?



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Proud Teacher

I am so proud of my gr 12 students. As I mentioned earlier, they had an exhibition last week and their hard work was celebrated by family and friends. And by ME!  I had only 5 Visual Arts Diploma students and they shared over 60 works all together.

Check out their fantastic pieces.

This is my first year teaching the IB Diploma Program (grs 11+12) art. It is a very vigorous program, with lots of criteria and hours the students have to put in.  It's a big accomplishment to have created so many and such fine work. Many of these artists had not had many visual arts skills before taking the course.

I don't normally share things about school much here on the blog but I am super proud and it feels good to share it with you.

I hope you have a lovely sunday!



Oh Don't forget, there is a DIY Werkstatt today in Heidelberg. Here's a link to the event

Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Werkstatt

Sunday is a DIY workshop in Heidelberg, where you can hang out, make gifts or things for yourself, and meet other people that like to make stuff with their hands.

Come and join me, to try out a few of these new DIY ideas...

Block Printed Fabric

 DIY Leather Hair Tie

And a few more!

What are your plans for this sunday?



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Olive Delights: 2.4.2014

Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

1. This week, the highlight in my life was most definitely my Gr 12 student's Visual Arts Exhibition.  I'm so proud of my students and the wonderful pieces they have made.

2. I've been collecting even more art-classroom-storage-inspiration on Pinterest this week.
3. I just can't get all these teacher thoughts out of my head...I am loving being able to really invest in my day job for a change.

4. I hung these two posters up in my art room. They inspire me and I hope they inspire my students.

5.Here's a peek at my drawing practice corner, for artists who finish early...
6. I bought some plants this week. I hope they don't die, like most of my others.

7.Dominik brews beer. Maybe I need a new hobby. Something like this...

8.These chips look pretty good!

9. I want to do some printmaking of my own.

10. Dominik suggested that we watch "sodes" (tv episodes) online less often, and fewer movies. He has been sick the past week, which meant couch potato days. I appreciate his suggestion and am inspired to spend more time doing things I really want to do, like make art, blog, and spend quality time with him. I also want to be outside more, now that the weather is better, spending time in the garden, lakes, and hills.

We may still watch the occasional movie and sode but not every night, which is what we have been doing the past month or so... I'm grateful I have a husband who suggests healthy things like this. I knew I wanted to minimise my TV time, but I also love and am a bit addicted to it.

What are you delighting in this week?



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Art Teacher Style

Well, it's official, I can let the cat out of the bag.  I have been hired at my school as secondary art teacher indefinitely. I am thrilled.

I had been working as an assistant teacher for two years, and then this year I have been standing in as art teacher for someone on sabbatical, but she decided to extend her sabbatical and resign.  I have been hired and I am delighted to be teaching art for a longer period of time! It's wonderful to have my hard work be noticed and to reap the benefits of being faithful to a school.

Since receiving the position, I have been on full teacher mode.  Thinking and dreaming art teacher. I think about upcoming units, rearranging the art supply storage room, and have mostly been planning my gr 12 exhibition this past week.

It's really fun to let my heart really sink into the role and to embrace teaching art fully.  This whole year it has been hard to stay motivated because I knew I wouldn't be staying on, my hard work on lesson and unit planning felt a bit useless. Now it is all worth it. I have a lot of material I worked on this year to modify and try again next year.

I just wanted to share my delight and this big change in my life and in my heart.

Thanks for reading lovelies,



Monday, March 24, 2014

Olive Delights: 23.3.2014

Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

1. A highlight of my week was shooting a video for my husband at an old paper company warehouse.

2. After the video footage was done we did a silly couple photo-shoot using the self timer on my cam. We are an awkward couple.  But I sure do love him!

3.What a fine idea to hang a plant in the shower.

4. I thought this little list of things to do to be happy was helpful.

5. Now that I've had success making carrot cake cupcakes, I may try a carrot cake.

6. Our bedroom needs a bit of help... I've been collecting bedroom inspiration.

7. I've also been collecting art room organisation ideas this week on pinterest.  I think we need some pegboard, at least in the store room.

8. We definitely need more cups and tins.
9. I could use these wires to hang prints that are drying.

10. This is so true.  I was talking to my friend Amy about this, this week. It helps to acknowledge the small steps and how they will move one forward.

What have you been delighting in this week?