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Hello everyone! I'm Katie of I go by Katie & today I am here to share a few tips for starting a collection & shopping for antiques!

My number one tip is to always go shopping armed with knowledge. No matter what you collect make sure to learn as much about it as possible. That way you will know weather a price is reasonable or just outrageous. The goal is to know more than the seller you encounter - this comes in handy when you go into negotiations over something or you want to identify any damage or false representations too. Being knowledgeable becomes especially important when you are ready to invest in a more expensive collection - for example, I love antique jewelry & furniture but to make sure I don't get ripped off or cheated I must be sure to ask questions, do my research & know the difference between materials & time periods. There are so many reproductions on the market making sure you can spot a fake is essential!

A tip for folks new to collecting would be to consider how much space you can spare. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful collection with no room to put it. If you live in a tiny apartment, start small, find something little you love. When you move to a bigger space then you can start collecting enormous tapestries. It's also good to start with something you can afford, I know folks who have amassed spectacular collections of inexpensive & very neat things like plastic deer, antique photos, floral handkerchiefs & etc. All of these things can be visually interesting & won't break the bank!

I hope you've enjoyed my tips for collecting & shopping for antiques!


Thank you Katie for being so wonderful and for the great tips.  I wish I would have read this before I moved to my tiny flat.  
Make sure to visit her.  She writes and creates such charming quality things.
Thanks for reading lovelies.

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