Being satisfied...


Many of you hear me griping about our tiny flat.  Our flat is a 30 square meter studio apartment (323 square feet), so it is tiny.  I dream often of bigger spaces...

I am in Debt, so we are going to stay here as long as we can bear it.  Often I feel like I cannot bear it any longer.   I end up looking at apartments online and dreaming about having another room to hang out in.  I shouldn't be, so instead of looking at available apartments online tonight I am going to share a few inspiring small spaces with you.

click image for source.  

Some benefits of living in small spaces.. 
-less space to clean 
-less pack-ratting of things that we don't need and use on a regular basis. (clothes, appliances, books.)
-lower energy bills and definitely more sustainable for the environment.  
-we also eat fresher food.  We don't have much food storage space or a freezer so we limit a lot of stored goods with lots of preservatives.  Though sometimes I really wish we had a freezer it actually is a good thing. 

another tiny benefit is that when we are eating a meal and forget something, like a fork or a glass of water, often we don't even have to get up because it is in arms reach.  haha.  That is my laziest benefit I could think of.

Alrighty, if you have 10 minutes to spare watch this amazing apartment unfold. I identify a ton with what he says about his place being an active place.  Ours is a lot less efficient than this but it is also a puzzle which gets shifted around for different uses.

I am trying to love our tiny flat and thinking about the benefits of small space living is really helping!

Do any of you live in a tiny space?  What do you love about it?



  1. Our house is only 440 sq ft and it's kind of unbearable sometimes, but it's inexpensive and we live in a house, not an apartment, which is nice. we have a huge backyard for the winne to play in (haha) so I'm thinking once summer comes along it'll be easier because we can spend more time outdoors. Oh, summer, come quickly!

    1. Elizabeth, Yeah the winter makes small spaces unbearable at times!

      Yes, "Summer come quickly!"


  2. I love these pics. Our house in Vegas is big (as all places in Vegas tend to be), 2300 sq ft big; and I actually dream of a cozier place, with more character, and a funkier layout!

    1. Lazidaisical,

      This is good to hear, that you wish for a smaller more cozy place. I think it is just a dissatisfaction with what we have in general.

      I need to learn to train my mind and heart to be satisfied.

      Thanks for your input!



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