Free Sponsorship in April!


This month working with sponsors and supporting creativity has been a fun experience.  I love the diversity and the wonderful people that are involved.   To check out a bit more about them visit HERE!

I would like to offer FREE sponsorship for the month of April for the first 10 commenters on this post.  Sadly, those of you who participated in March cannot participate in April, beyond that is unknown! ;)

If you have a band, blog, or business, which matches what Olive Green Anna is all about, I would love to give you an ad space for the month of April 2012

Here’s what will happen:
-You first 10 leave a comment below, and make sure to leave an email address.
-I will contact you as soon as I receive 10 responses.
-Your ad will be featured here on this blog for the entire month of April 2012. 

I am excited about how Olive Green Anna has grown and is growing.  This blog has been a wonderful space for me and from what I hear, for you too! 

Thank you for your support lovelies!



  1. I would love to be a sponsor in April!! Yeah!!
    Hug from Berlin,

  2. I just found your blog via Delightfully Tacky, and I'm definitely becoming a new reader! You have a great voice and style, and your Shop Window posts are great.

    xo, Megan

  3. oh oh anna! This is awesome! Im In!! also im still working on the happiness post! :)

  4. Wow Anna! Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity - very generous of you and much appreciated.

    rebecca at thededicationcompany dot com

  5. That is so generous! My blog is and my email is Thanks!

  6. Awesome, I just saw your comment! My email is

    I'll put up your ad too if you send one along!

  7. hey lovely anna, i could have sworn that i left a comment before. anyways: wonderful opportunity: and you have my email adress. i'd like to put up a link to your blog too.

  8. This is so cool and generous! I would love this opportunity. I haven't advertised on any other blog yet! Cheers,


  9. Great alrighty! Thank you for commenting and supporting Olive Green Anna!!!!

    An email is coming your way!


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