Olive Delights 30.4.2012


 Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

1. One of the main delights this week has been working in the garden.  There is still a lot to be done and plants need a lot of care but it is wonderful to be outside and to get dirty and pay attention to plants again.

2. We had a barbeque and it was wonderful to have friends over and have some quality times together!

3. Homemade popsicles are my favorite!!!

4. I'm loving these grown-up versions of Jellies!!!

5. These kodak slide curtains are pretty wicked!!!

6. Coffee and muffins with friends, who could ask for anything more?

7. It was sunny enough to enjoy the sun this weekend.  We had brunch out in our garden. 

8. I love the look of this trinket shelf. 

9. there are some amazing rugs over at Decor8.

10. Some vintage interiors are just amazing!!!

What have you been delighting in these days?

Thanks for reading lovelies.


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