DIY: Fabric Beach Ball Lantern


 I got this free ikea ball lantern at a flea market a few weeks ago and I finally figured out how to make it prettier!  I decided to make a fabric beach ball lantern.

1. First I followed the lines of the paper and marked my fabric where it needed to be cut. 

2. I cut the first piece of fabric. 

 3. When I got a good size, I proceeded to trace out all the other 7 pieces.

 4. I pinned the fabric on to the top of the lantern.

 5. Mixed gel medium with water to make it a bit more liquidy.

 6. Painted on the glue and pressed down the fabric.

7. I did the same with all 8 pieces.  

8. I then let it dry for 6 hours and did some touch ups where the fabric didn't stick properly.  

 Then,  hung it up and just enjoyed our new lantern for our bedroom!

Thanks for reading lovelies!  


P.S.  This project really inspired me to explore lantern/ lampshade making more.  Have any of you created any lanterns or lamps?  I would love to see them.  I would love to hear your ideas! 

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