photo every hour


Last week I took a photo every hour on a day of work at home.

Slept in and woke up in the dark.  The blinds were closed because I knew I wanted to sleep a bit longer.

-ate a snack..

-saw that libby from Delightfully Tacky posted my giveaway!

-got packages ready for the post.

-took a lunch break outside, yummy orange juice.

-had a photo shoot for the shop.

-took some outfit photos.

-planned future blog posts.

-it's weather for wool socks again!

-it began to rain...
-I read my book...
-and went to bed...

I missed the last three hours... whoops...

I really enjoyed taking photos every hour.  It helped me to take a moment and appreciate life.  It split up my day nicely.  It was a day working at home but it was fun to capture the little delights along the way.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I keep meaning to do this and always forget. Next time I work from home, I'm doing it!


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