Planning for this here blog.


I have been working on organizing different parts of my life this past year.  My finances, my home, my business, and now I am trying to organize my blog a bit. 

I found this printable blog planner at Wild Olive and I have been liking using it this past month.  It helps me to know what posts I have lined up and what I want I need to do to make those posts happen. 

{To download your own copy visit Wild Olive, She is the creator! }

It's funny.  I really love organizing.  I can't say I am totally organized and my life works like clock work.  I wish I could say that my desk is always free of junk, and that everything has its own place.   But I can say that I delight in knowing where things are, and finding them a place that is pretty and makes sense.  I suppose that is why I have been delighting in planning this here blog.


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