Preparing for Local Sales


 The list of things to do before the sales coming up, is quite long.   My to do lists, stand sketches, and product ideas are all in this little Olive Green Anna notebook.  That man's face says, "This means business." and that is what my notebook is all about! My Business! 

Washing clothes, taging them, counting them, packing them up... That is what I am doing these days! 

What do you think of my tags?  They are old maps on one side. And my business card printed on white paper pasted to the other side.  When I make them I make them in bulk.  They take a long time to make but I spend about 4 hours on them every 3 months.  

Well,  time is running out.  I am so very excited about the local sales coming up!


Is anything exciting happening in your life?


  1. I love these little behind-the-scenes peeks! I'm in the process of opening up an etsy shop, and I'm glad I found your blog (through delightfully tacky!). It's encouraging :)

  2. Your business cards are great - very good idea! How come there are maths exercises on your notebook? So looking forward to Beat Basar next week :) Maria
    Oh, and what's exciting in my life at the moment: you encouraged me to start blogging and that's what I did - now I can't stop!


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