Shirt to Dress Restyle


I have been waiting to share this project with you for some time now.  I am super proud of it because I am just a beginner in sewing.  And this dress turned out just great.

 It is currently my favorite dress and if I could, I would wear it everyday.

 I bought this vintage shirt.  It is 4 sizes too big for me but I could see that it could become a fantastic dress.  So, I took it to my friends at Action House and asked the Naehkoenigin for help.  They gave me some tips about how to execute it.  They were a wonderful resource.

Like I said, a few months ago I love shirt-dresses and I am so excited to have one in this lovely floral pattern.

 I took the sleeves off, took the sides in and added the sleeves to the bottom for some extra length.

Have you been sewing anything these days? I am really loving getting back into it!

Thanks for reading lovelies,


I have also shortened a few pieces for the shop which turned out fantastically!  Hurray for sewing.
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  1. wow, so smart! I love the finished result and how clever to see the potential in a baggy shirt

    1. Helen,

      Thank you! I love giving things a new life!



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