Getting Fit


Recently I have been really inspired to get fit.

I have been working out twice a week now this past month and I am feeling a whole lot better.  I have more energy and I am able to sleep better.  I am thinking about joining a gym for the winter months.  There is one that is a 5 minute walk from my house.  I like participating in fitness courses and paying a bit of cash for it , may help keep me accountable.

What is your favorite active activity?
Do you have any tips for someone just starting out working out?



  1. How about Jane Fonda workouts available on YouTube? :) I like them.

  2. I like to work out at home. I have a jump rope (because I hate running) and some light dumb bells (5lb but you can start with 3lb too) and mix those in with work outs for toning and bone strength. I like for work out inspirations though it seems like they've started using a lot more home work out equipment that I don't want to pay for!

  3. Set realistic goals.
    Vary your workout.
    Keep it on a healthy leavel.
    Have fun!
    Do it with a friend for support and motivation.
    Exercise outside, fresh air and more "happy hormones" are released than doing it inside.
    Don't stay too long on the same level, push your goal every 2nd to 3rd month, your body gets very easyily used to your routines.
    Prioritise your health.
    Make sure you eat and sleep when you should!

    Read about how working out benefits you, it helped me realize how important it is. There are so many articles online stating the benifits of exercise. Here's one:,31214.asp

    Good luck!


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