Shop Window: Salvaged Life


Today we are peeking into a shop owned and curated by the lovely Beth.  It is called Salvaged Life.  She has fantastic taste, great selection and quality vintage!  Let's take a look. 

Check out her shop to see many other splendid "salvaged lives"!

Beth also has a blog.  She lives in LA, so if you live in the area you can make an appointment to visit and browse her vintage live.

Thank you Beth for curating such a beautiful shop and living out your dreams.

Thank you for reading lovelies!


ps.  If you are wondering.  click below.

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  1. The first dress reminds me a bit of a dress cake that a designer from Planet Cake in Australia made:,4989253,ApplicationGallery.html?page=16
    Sorry, I only found the photo on the homepage of a TV magazine ;) Maria.


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