Talk Shop: my styling go-tos


I love talking shop.

Today I wanted to share two of my favorite items I use for styling my shop outfits.

There are two items which I use in almost every photo shoot.  These heels by Laura and this vintage leather belt.

These two accessories encompass my natural, simplistic styling aesthetic.  I am not a very glittery lady.  As you may have noticed.  These two items jazz up outfits just the right amount.

This belt is from my own closet.  I don't ever plan to abandon it.  It is a great quality vintage piece that I will wear until it dies (or I die). 

These pumps on the other hand were bought as a business investment.  I rarely wear heels of any sort in real life.  But I needed a "wow" shoe to accompany some of my "wow" items in the shop.  

One thing I really love about these shoes is the 70s thick heel. I have only worn these shoes twice in real life.  Once, to my fashion show, where I presented Olive Green Vintage items.  The other time was a date night which luckily only required 30 minutes total of walking and standing.  Otherwise it has only been in my photo shoots. 

Well, I love talking shop

Do any of you have any other shop related questions.  I would love to answer any that may pop into your head.




  1. I love both of these items! They're simple, yet, they can add so much to an outfit. :)

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    1. I totally agree!

      P.S you're blog is lovely.



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