lovely stimulation overload


We sat in so many cafes while visiting Amsterdam, not only because the weather was a bit crummy but because there are such great spots there. Oh man, I have to share my favorite of all!

Latei, it is a cafe/vintage housewares shop.  Every little trinket in the place is for sale.  It is a lovely stimulation overload.

Latei is like no other place I have ever been to.  You would love it too. There are so many delights to feast your eyes on.  It's such a different place from the shop "Restored" which I shared about yesterday, but it has its own wild charm.

 Next time you're in Amsterdam make sure to stop in a have a fresh mint tea, and if you're hungry for a treat try their cheese cake.  mmmm yummy.

Thanks for reading lovelies.  Now I'm hungry.  you too?


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