Olive Delights: 26.11.2012


Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

1. We've had a lot of guests over at our home these past few weeks and it feels good to host again.  I am glad it is something that my man (dominik) also enjoys and values.  image via.  

2. Bonnie from Flashes of Style sported a fantastic XL cardigan last week.  Oversized cardigans are so comfortable.

3. I've been looking up homemade christmas decorations.  Anyone have any tips?

4. This quilt looks like something I could handle to sew...

5. I love all the patterns and layers happening in this photo.

6. These knits are just wild...

7. Selling at Action House was a great success this week.

8. I'm planning on sewing myself a coat this winter.  So I have been looking at Burda Style a lot to try and find a pattern.  Have any of you ever sewn a coat?

9. I'm reading another Jodi Picoult book and I am loving it.  She's good.

10. My good friends Karli and Caleb are opening a music venue in Spokane, Wa, USA.  It is called The Bartlett.  I am so pumped that Spokane will have great live music scene again!

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