Olive Delights: Amsterdam Delights


Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

This week is a special Amsterdam Trip Edition. I was in Amsterdam last week and it was a very delightful trip. Here are just a few of the inspiring and pretty things from the experience. 

 7. took many random photos.  

9. I was shocked that the red light district was open at noon.  And it was super strange to have the smell of grass wafting out of "coffee shops".

10. We also enjoyed people watching.  There are some very wonderfully interesting looking people in Amsterdam. 

Thanks for reading.  If you visit anytime soon let me know.  I'll share more details this week about my favorite spots. 


P.S Don't forget about free shipping in november!  Get your christmas shopping in. 

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  1. what a lovely trip! Great photos, those waffles look so thin and delicious.


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