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This "Stuff Does Matter" manifesto really challenges me. I love things so very much.  I am a person who really treasures stuff.  I like to be surrounded by beautiful and meaningful things. I am a collector and I delight in many physical things in this world.

I know that these things will not last forever and at any moment they may be ruined, lost or stolen, however I delight in them, I enjoy them.

Sometimes, I feel guilty for enjoying stuff so much.  I then feel bad about my many trinkets and treasures.  I am not a '"mindless consumer," I do not purchase for the sake of buying something new.  I buy things because I need them or because the objects bring me delight.  Many things I buy (and sell for that matter) are beautiful and have a strong connection to the past.

Likewise, I want my customers not to buy for the thrill of buying, but out of the delight in the objects that I sell.

I grew up being surrounded by beautiful old things. My mama is a huge antique fan.  She has an amazing collection of old missionary traveling chests that she uses as side tables in the living room.  She appreciates the aesthetics and the stories connected with those pieces. I grew up in a christian home, and the bible says not to "store up your treasures on earth." I have always felt a bit of guilt for delighting in the beauty of the earth and the things that we humans have created.  I struggle to make sense of these feelings, but,

I want to "choose gratitude over guilt." 

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I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with stuff.  Please share in the comments below.

If you have 30 minutes, as you are walking, sewing, or taking a bath, I would recommend listening to this podcast.  Megan Auman and Grace Bonny talk about why stuff matters click below.

"After the Jump"

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