the canals of Amsterdam


As we wandered through the city for 4 days we felt as though we had been on certain streets more than once, though we were exploring new parts of town.

There are so many canals and streets that look similar, whether you are to the west of the city or the south.  It is a bit of a tricky place to navigate.  The buildings, canals and house boats are so wonderful to look at.

I think, because the details of the city are so gorgeous we often forgot to refer to our map and to see where we were.  The tilted buildings and curtain-less windows.  I was a bit of a creeper because people leave their blinds open and one can just peek in and have a little look into their spaces.  I loved it. haha.  Folks here in germany are much more private.  The creeper in me just loves the Netherlands.  

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