There are many folks who love to paint over wood and re-varnish their wood furniture.  Though I am not super opposed to the idea, I leave most of the wooden things in my home the way I found them, scratched, abandoned and natural.  The other day, I looked about in our home and realized that my favorite spaces in our home have large, natural, wood pieces of furniture. The coffee table in our living room, which we found on the street, our dining room table which my in-laws gave us, the second hand ratan breakfast nook, they all have a charming natural feeling to them.  

 I also am a big fan of wooden details.

I love the natural, cozy feeling that wooden items give to our home.  And I am proud to say that almost all of our furniture is second hand, apart from our open kitchen shelving, which I'll show another day.

Thanks for reading lovelies.


Are you a repainter/revarnisher?  Have you had great experiences transforming old wooden pieces? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I feel the same way! I even want to sand down some of the furniture i have thats been stained or painted, but I'm frightened at the respiratory damage that could be done (mostly because I know how careless i can be).

    One tip that i do have though, is if you are looking to age some brand new wood to a dark looking wood (for example, replacing furniture parts) applying varnish with a cloth allows you to do light coverage with it. My favorite color is called Jacobian, its a great dark brown/grey color that tones down any excessively orange shades of new wood.


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