Action House Christmas Party


This past weekend we went to our first Christmas party.  It was at Action House, which is a creative collective here in Heidelberg.  Dominik and I have been somewhat involved in it this past year and we hope to do more in the coming year.  

It was a great party, pizza, carol singing, mulled wine, celebrating the past year, thinking about the coming year, and it concluded with a family like dance party (you know the sort, where you don't have to look cool and you can just move to the tunes). 

If you're looking for creativity in Heidelberg, Action House is a good place to start.  They have a space and there are so many possibilities for creative encounter there.  If you're wanting to branch out into another art form such as, filmmaking, songwriting, sewing, writing, etc, they have great workshops happening.  And if you're just looking to work on your creative project with others, they have a co-working space called Jelly.  They also put on house shows, and fun project nights like this friday.

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p.s. This friday there will be a Weihnachts Werkstatt.  You can come make christmas presents and decorations for family and friends.  Entrance is Free.

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