I wish I lived in the 70s


Sometimes vintage pieces put me right into the decade.  It's amazing how some clothing can set such a mood.

Here are a few pieces in my shop that just emanate a 70s vibe!

 Red Midi Skirt/ Charlie's Angels

Patterned 70s Jumpsuitshe wears it with such confidence.

Skate tricks/ Beige cut off  high waisted shorts

I recently had a local customer come by my studio and find an outfit for her 70s themed birthday party. She found a great combo that fit her beautifully!

I was then inspired by so many pieces in my shop.

Other common 70s trends include:
-Maxi Skirts
-Gouchos-mid length trousers
-Kaftans- loose fitted evening wear, similar to kimonos.
-Flares-started as a slight flare and then by around 1975 the full bell bottom was super hot!
-Hotpants- early 70s trend, often worn under maxis or midis with big slits to show a lot of leg.
-Disco Fashions-shiny and glittery danceware.
-Patterns GAZORE!

What is your favorite decade?

I just can't decide!




  1. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE the 70's!! It makes me so happy when I look at my mom's photos and how chic she was in her maxi skirts, high waist pants, platforms, and wavy perm :) I love all of it and am constantly looking for 70's patterns to play with!! :)

  2. i love so much about the 70s too. not just the fashions, but the music and films i find so inspirational.

    1. You're right. I watched Annie Hall a few months ago and it was like a time machine.



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