It's been snowing!


In Heidelberg it doesn't snow much but the past few days it has been snowing on and off, consistently.  Nothing is really sticking, but it is gorgeous as it falls.

Dominik snapped these pictures of my old man sweater outfit on our way to a restaurant.  This weekend we went on a brunch date because we couldn't squeeze an evening date during the week.  As I always say, date night is one of our/my main priorities.

Though it is such a priority, it is hard to keep it that way sometimes.  It is easy to overlook its importance.  If I don't get my date time, I don't feel close to Dominik.  Which then effects many other things...

 I assume it will get harder and harder to keep it a priority.  Especially once kids come.  But that's why I really want to keep it a part of our habit and keep it #1 in planning the week.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Are you sick of me taking about how important date night is?  I think I have probably mentioned it once a week.



  1. i loooove this outfit! old man sweaters ftw :)

  2. I love it when you talk about your date nights - relationships have to be cared for!

    1. Thanks Maria,

      I love Date night, I can't help but talk about it!



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