My Blog Story...


Here is my very first blog post ever from May 15,2009.  Just before graduating with my bachelors in Fine Art.
On that day I knew no one was listening.  No one even knew about it. You can check out all of blog archives and read it from the very beginning if you like.

 I wrote a total of 30 posts in 2009. I was getting my Masters in Teaching at the time and I was pretty lonely, working full time and studying.  I did not do much creating.  It was my first year of teaching which was honestly pretty miserable.

Then towards the end of my Masters, May 2010, things started winding down, I began planning our wedding.  I spent a whole lot of time online. Collecting inspiration, and I began creating art for myself not only teaching it.

I didn't start blogging more regularly until I moved to Germany.  I had no english speaking friends here, other than Dominik my husband, so my blog was a way to communicate with old and new friends in English.   It was a really wonderful thing to have in a foreign land.  I took many pictures documenting my new surroundings and digesting my experiences as an "Ausländerin" (foreigner).

When I opened my Vintage Clothing Shop on Etsy. I began to blog about owning a business and vintage fashion.  My journey as a business owner is fun and exciting to share.

This blog continues to be a place where I share about every day life and my business.  I have made a strong effort not to be influenced by other people or what seems cool. I have wanted to keep this blog a very positive place where I share about good and pretty things.  I like writing a blog that I would read. I often go back and read my own blog. Haha.  But I guess that shows that it is authentic.

Now, as opposed to 3 years ago. I know that there are many of you there reading and checking back to see what I am delighted in and sharing.

It is quite an honor to be read and to share this space with you.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Have a goose day,



  1. Hi Anna,
    I've been one of your "silent readers" for a while and thought I'd take up the opportunity to say hi and thank you for blogging! I really enjoy reading your posts- they inspire me and remind me to keep creating "things" that make me happy, too :) (music in my case). I'm not even sure how I came across this site in the first place. I think I looked up your husband's music at some point and somehow stumbled upon your blog :). (The mysterious ways in which the internet works...) Looking forward to reading more, all the best!
    Thanks Corinna

    1. Corinna,

      This means a whole lot to me. It feels really good to hear that you are inspired to keep creating music.

      Thank you for taking the time to say hello and to encourage me. It means the world to me.



  2. Your blog is a little oasis of vintage inspiration :) Glad I found it

    1. Sara,

      Thank you! I am glad you found it too!

      I love blogging a whole lot!



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