my new scent


I received a gift card from the parents of my class for christmas. The thing I love about gift cards is that you can buy things with them that you normally wouldn't buy yourself. I knew right away that I wanted to buy myself a perfume. I have never owned a real "woman" perfume.  Only fruity scents from Bath and Body works. So, I went to the perfumery and smelled a number of scents.  

I knew I wanted something floral, but I wanted it to be warm. I tested probably about 40 scents and had it narrowed down to 3. I called Dominik to come and help. He helped me decide and I went for my favorite one. Of course it was the most expensive.  But oh well.  It was a gift card.

I don't know if you have ever done this.  Looking for a fragrance that matched me was a tricky thing.  I know that I don't have to use this scent for the rest of my life but I had to choose a fragrance that matched me as I am right now.  I am very satisfied with my choice and love smelling it on me.  

Do you have one perfume?  Do you plan to use it your whole life? 

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