DIY Cocktail Time: Die Zitrone


Today I am going to share my new cocktail called "Die Zitrone."  I got a christmas bonus this year from my day job, and what did I do with it? First thing I did was stock up on booze for my home bar.  Since, I have been on a cocktail recipe kick. 

"Die Zitrone" is a wonderful refreshing drink that I have invented.  It is not sweet, I'll warn you.  But you can be sure to add sugar syrup if you like things sweeter.

Needed: 1oz whiskey (2tbsp), 2oz Dry Vermouth (4tbsp), 1 juice of a lemon, splash of sparkling water, twist of lemon to garnish

First, chill a tall glass in the freezer for 10 minutes. Add whiskey, vermouth, lemon juice, 3 cubes of ice into a cocktail shaker (mason jar) and shake well.  Then, pour over ice in glass, and top off with sparkling water. If you are feeling fancy twist the peel of a lemon for a garnish. 

Again, feel free to sweeten this up with powdered sugar or some sugar syrup.  I like it sour you, you might like it sweet.  

liebe Grüße, (with loving greetings)


P.S As you can tell I am a big whiskey fan!  If you are interested in more of a wintery whiskey cocktail you can try out my Hot-Tottie recipe

If you have hobby bar-tending friends or loved ones who may enjoy this post, I would be more than pleased if you shared this recipe with them. 

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