DIY: Doily Table Runner


As you all know I am a collector of beautiful things.  One collection I have been acquiring is one of beautiful doilies.  Well, I don't have enough little spot for all of them so I thought I could sew them together to make a table runner.

What you'll need:
-a sewing machine

1. set out your doilies in the order, you want them.
2. tape, pin the doilies together.

3. Sew the overlapping parts together. I sewed right over the tape. 

4. Listen to interesting podcasts like After the Jump or Smart Passive Income

5. Remove tape and pins. The tape that was sewn over will take a bit of time to get off but it comes off easily.

This whole project took me about half an hour!

It was well worth it for the beautiful results.

Have you created anything fun these days? leave a comment or a link.



  1. Wow, that turned out so great! I'm always tempted to buy doilies at thrift stores, but now I actually have a reason to :)

    1. Mel,

      I always buy pretty doilies, and now I should stop! haha.

      Go out and buy some!


  2. really lovely way to use something that feels so outdated! Love it.


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