DIY: mini flag bunting


Having time off from my day job last week gave me a real desire to create some things with my hands. 

I have been collecting a lot of cloth scraps from the skirts I have altered in my shop.  So, I have been trying to come up with ideas of what to create out of them. 

Our pantry needed some sprucing up so I decided to make a festive circus bunting for our open shelved pantry.  

Supplies needed: 
-cloth scraps
-twine or string
-sewing machine, or by hand. 

First cut your pieces of cloth into the shape you would like. Use a finished one as a pattern for the others.

Second iron a tab down so that it can be easily sewn.

sew the tab over.

And thread the flag on to the twine.
There you have it.  A festive pantry indeed!



Do you have any other suggestions for what to do with long narrow strips of cloth, from shortening skirts?  I'd love some other suggestions. 

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  1. I liked it :) I would make one to decorate my work place


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