pretending it's spring


I've been longing for spring these past few days.  So I went flower plant shopping.  Oh my it feels good to have more life in our space.

Dominik brought me this flower. He has been so thoughtful about flowers the past few weeks.  It feels nice. 

I actually plucked this ivy from outside and then replanted it.  It has been growing beautifully! 

This is our tree in the living room.  It looks fake but it is real! 

I have noticed that spring onions stay fresher when they are put in water. And did you know that they grow back once if you cut them down to the light green?  

I try to put plants in most every room in the house.  Even on the window ledge of the shower.  It's just amazing what plants can do for a space.

What do you look forward to in spring?

I just can't wait!



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