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My friend Julia from The Modern Vintage Workshop, are planning for a Vintage Fashion night.  It will be much like our Fashion Show in May of 2012 but we are planning to have it at a larger venue this time.  The Halle02, a local creative space, has invited us to do a show there in April. I will let you know more details when they are confirmed. 

I have been thinking about it a whole lot and I decided I needed to create a checklist for the months/weeks leading up to it and for the event itself. 

Months before:
-choose a date for the show
-find and confirm location
-contact models
-Determine a show theme. Vintage
-pick/create pieces to be shown
-check to see if it is possible to hold a rehearsal at the venue
-Arrange committee
      -event producer-make sure everyone knows what to do
      -stylist/wardrobe manager making sure the clothes are ready for they day
      -makeup/hair stylists
      -promotional manage
      -casting manager-organizes rehearsals
      -backstage manager-in charge on the day

Weeks before:
-finalize pieces for the show
-have a fitting with the models
-promote, promote, promote
      -press release
      -posters and flyers
-plan models makeup
-have first rehearsal with music

Days before:
-final promotion
-final dress rehearsal
-prepare the space
     -backstage area
     -decorations, pop up shops for after the show
-final meeting before the show so that everyone is on the same page. 
-organize a photographer. videographer too

To see a great video of our fashion show and my husband playing jazz tunes last May, click here

I am excited to put the plans into motion and to get things finalized.  The fashion show last year was such a highlight of the year.  I can barely wait for this one to happen!



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