Shop Talk: Plans for the future


I thought today I would share a bit about some of my future plans for Olive Green Vintage.

There are a few things in the near future that I am planning for and hoping will become a reality.  I am hoping to open a Pop Up Shop here in Heidelberg in Spring/Summer 2013.  A Pop-Up Shop is a temporary retail shop.  It could be a few weeks or months.  I am hoping for 2 to 3 months, but it may be that my first pop up shop be just for 10 days or so.  I hope to share the space with a few local designers.

I have decided to work towards a pop-up shop because it will be a great way to try out a shop and see how Heidelberg embraces vintage/ handmade fashions.  I have been wanting to connect with local customers much more, so a local shop seems like a great way to start a buzz about Olive Green Vintage.  I would like to open a more permanent location, but I see the pop up as a way to get my feet wet as a local shop owner, and honestly I don't have enough money to open a shop without incurring more debt. 

Again, I would love to have a more long term shop here in Heidelberg.  But with all my debt, and Dominik's job uncertainty, I just can't plan on it happening in the near future. In five years I am not sure where my shop will be. It could be that we move to Thailand and I sell online out of our home on Koh Phangan. Or it could be that we have a permanent shop here in Heidelberg, that has a lot of regulars.  The future far ahead, is not set in stone.

I have to keep telling myself that plans can change and I can grow, as a person and a business owner.  Sometimes I feel a great pressure to stick with plans and never change.  But my priorities may change and I may want to focus on something else. And sometimes things just don't turn out.  Like last October I was expecting to be able to sell at Beat Basaar and at Auguenschamaus, two local creative markets, and I couldn't sell at either.  I was a big let down and a gap in my expected earnings for 2012, but I just have to accept it and move on.

I guess rolling with the punches is a big part of owning a business.  If things turn out differently, if I don't find any spaces that will rent for short times, or I can't afford the spaces available, I may just have to except that it won't happen this year.  I need to just do as much as I can.  Try to make a lot of online sales to save up for a shop, and then when the right space and the right time come together to bring the community behind me and make the local shop happen.

The moral of the story is that.  I am excited about my business's future.  I am excited about the upcoming pop up shop and excited about the uncertainty of years ahead.   I love owning a business and living a creative life style.  It is very rewarding, though at the moment I am not making the big bucks! haha.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Do you think it is a good plan to try it out with a Pop-Up Shop or do you think I should go all out and try for a more permanent space?


  1. Hey Anna,

    do you know Olenka Vintage? I think you two go together quite well and she lives in Heidelberg, too. Maybe you just ask her to meet for a coffe bcause I know, her dream too is to open a shop...

    1. Karin,

      I wrote to Olenka Vintage!

      Thank you for reminding me that I have seen her shop before!



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