Shop Talk: What inspired me to start Olive Green Vintage


As I mentioned in my post last week about why I love vintage, I wanted to give vintage clothing a new life by styling it and collecting it in my own wardrobe.

I have always been one who loves the hunt.  I love searching and finding treasures amidst the junk.  It's a rare thing to go thrift shopping and find stellar pieces. Many people really dislike the hunt, they like looking through a well curated shop.

When I first moved to Germany, after marrying my German husband Dominik, I couldn't speak the language.  I thought I would be able to find work. I mean I can speak English fluently. It was pretty ignorant to think that getting a job without any German language skills would be easy. Turns out I needed to be able to speak the native tongue. So, as I studied the language, I decided one night to sell a pair of vintage moccasins online, on They sold within two days. I was shocked. It turned out people might actually buy things I loved.

Though I have only sold 200 items in my shop so far.  I have heard from many of my online customers, local customers, and competitors, that I have good taste and a wonderfully curated shop.

Selling vintage is been such a delighting and rewarding experience. My products have sold at numerous creative markets, been featured on some great blogs, been modeled at a fashion show, and have been bought by many happy customers.

I thoroughly enjoy owning a small business and I plan on keeping it for many years!  I am also excited about some of the upcoming events and secret news I can share with you soon!!!



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