Shop Talk: Why I love/shop Vintage!


I have always loved vintage. My grandma gave me a pink polka-dot poodle dress when I was 12 years old.  I remember asking her for it and she was surprised that I wanted it.  I mean, it was the 90s, the 50s was most definitely not in! I was so delighted to have a real 50s dress.  I wore it around the house often, I didn't have any chest to actually fill it out.  But I loved imagining my Grandma looking just fabulous in it. 

Vintage clothing tells a story. The story may be known like my Grandma's 50s dress, or it may not be.  But either way it speaks of another time.  Imaging the person that wore it, or the type of person that would, gives the piece of clothing a much different feel than the new mass-produced clothes that are found in stores today.

One great thing about vintage clothing is that it is already there!  Vintage clothing doesn't have to be made, we don't need to waste materials and energy.  It is already here on earth and there is a lot of it.  Instead of these beautiful pieces of clothing being thrown away and filling a landfills we can treasure them and style them daily.  We can give the pieces a new life. 

I want to give handmade and vintage more of a chance in my wardrobe.  It's a bit unsettling thinking and learning more about what conditions clothes are being made in these days.  Everything is made so cheaply it is sad to think about the people who are making them.  Mass-Produced clothing is overtaking the clothing market. We are choosing to buy the cheap clothes, in turn supporting businesses which have poor conditions for their factory workers. Some fair trade clothing designers and handmade fashion designers are creating great clothes in good working conditions and with a good wage.  But they don't have much of a chance against 10Euro dresses from chain stores. 

Vintage is one of a kind. Chain store shoppers cannot say this about their clothing.  I love wearing something that I have never seen in any other store or on any other human.  When buying vintage dresses there is no "Same Dress" fear when going to parties/prom.  I have always been a person that wanted to dress apart from the mainstream. This is one of my favorite things about vintage.  It is one of the aspects that got me turned on to vintage in the first place. 

I forgot to even mention quality.  Many vintage pieces were made in a time when quality trumped quantity, this is not the case any longer.  Many of my new garments last 2 years if I don't wear them frequently.  If I wear them often they are likely to only last 6 months.  Vintage items on the other hand have lasted over 20 years and that speaks often to their quality.  

These are not only reasons "I love Vintage" but also great reasons to buy/inherit vintage clothing.  I would like to encourage you this year to give handmade and vintage clothing a chance in your wardrobe. 

Thank you for reading lovelies.


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