DIY Cocktail: Milk Mender


I don't drink much milk, which is not good, because a woman like me needs to stock up on calcium!!! So, I've found the solution.  Mix a cocktail. 

This is a pretty sweet cocktail, if you like chocolate milk or soymilk you will like this!  The 43 has a sweet vanilla-y taste to it.  The vodka just adds a kick.

-1 shot (40cl) vodka
-1 shot (40cl) 43
-1 cup (0.25 liters) milk
-4ish cubes of ice

This cocktail looks just like a glass or milk.  So if you need to encourage your kids to drink a glass of milk by drinking a glass along with them, wink wink, they wouldn't be the wiser.  

P.S Dominik really likes it too, see. 

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