I'm opening a Shop!!!


I got the keys and I am opening a Shop for 6 weeks!  It will open just after my Fashion Show, on the 20th of April, until the end of May!  

It is in the building that once was the Fire station.  It is on the 2nd floor (3rd for Americans). Heidelberg is in great need of a well curated vintage clothing shop.  My shop is in a bit of an unusual place for a shop but I know that people interested in Vintage and Alternative Fashions will come check it out!!!  
I am so excited about my first venture in opening a local vintage shop.   I am collaborating with some other designers and we will be offering some workshops in the space.  Don't worry I'll share the details in posts in the coming days.

I am just ecstatic!!!



P.S Happy Easter, to all the christians out there! 

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