It actually looks good.


Last week Dominik and I were in town to buy him a watch.  He is a teacher now and a watch is a necessary accessory for teachers.  I wore this outfit.  I have been wearing this big grey vintage coat recently and Dominik kept saying, "You're wearing that again?"

It wasn't until after these photos did Dominik say, "It actually looks good!"  

 This is a reoccurring thing that happens with Dominik and my style choices.  He often is embarrassed by what I wear for several months and then begins to like it.  He needs time to let things grow on him.  I once had a really ugly hoodie from the 80's that said "J-Pop" on it.  Japanese Pop music.  How could I not wear it all the time?  Dominik didn't like it at all and was embarrassed to be seen with me in it.  Then when I threw it away after it having so much wear, he asked me why I didn't wear it anymore.  haha

{coat, sweater, purse: vintage, shoes: buffalo, socks: h&m, dress: vintage shirt turned dress}

So, now I know that if Dominik is critical of something that I wear, I just need to give it some time.  He is bound to end up loving something that I (his favorite person in the world) wears.

Do your friends and family dislike something that you wear?



  1. Ha! Sometimes I wish my boyfriend would tell me that something looks a little over the top because I'll realize later that I'm not actually a big fan of my wardrobe choice... but he gets points for being supportive ;) That coat is awesome! I've always thought capes wouldn't be very flattering, but you've convinced me otherwise.

    1. Also, I just realized it's not actually a cape, but it's shaped like one... you know what I meant.

    2. Melanie,

      haha. I have had that a few times where I only at the end of the day realize how silly I looked!

      It does look a bit like a cape!



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