Shop Talk: Craft Fair/Creative Market Checklist


I have sold at about 10 local sales in the past two years, and I remember how nervous I was before my first one!  I was worried that I would forget something big.  It turns out, I was well prepared and since then I have followed this checklist! 

Before the show:
-tag items/ make price signs
-prepare mailing list sign up sheet
-sketch stand designs
-design and print business cards and flyers
-wash new clothing
-iron silk blouses and other super wrinkly items
-count all items, to know how much stock you have and for later to see how much you have sold (optional)
-put clothes in bags
-get change at the bank, 50 Euros/Dollars is good

Day of Check List:
-flyers and business cards
-mailing list sign up and pen
-water and snack for you (seller)
-scissors, tape, pins, pencils, extra tags/tagger, notebook, paper, you never know what you might need.
-fresh flowers (optional)
-Bring a friend or loved one to help/ or meet and act friendly with your neighbors so they will be happy to watch your stall as you go to the restroom.
-change in your change purse. (a 20, a 10, two 5s, five 1s, and the rest in change.)

P.S I am still nervous before every craft fair that I sell at!  It feels like a concert or something.  I am presenting myself and my product to real, present people, and thats a bit nerve wracking.  

For those of you who have sold locally at creative markets or craft fairs, did I forget anything?

I would love to hear about your checklist for similar events.



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