Video Blog: Dance Break...


As a little treat and a silly jump start to the weekend, I decided to make a fool of myself for your enjoyment!

On Monday, while working on the blog and emails, this tune came on and I couldn't help but start dancing. When it was finished I went over to my studio space where I shoot the photos for my vintage shop and played it again to show off my cool dance moves!

Olive Green Anna- Dance Break-Vintage shop owner from olive green anna on Vimeo.

Or watch it on youtube...

"Why do I do these silly things and post them on my blog accessable to the whole world?" you ask,

Well, I have been thinking about trying to not act so cool and like I have it all together, on this here blog.  I am a total nerd and I dance like this often, when I hear a good tune on the jukebox.

Which of my moves is your favorite?

I'm a pretty big fan of the one at 1.10, it's the chip on the shoulder brush off...haha.

Oh my goosenest, I will probably regret sharing this.  oh well...




  1. you are the best! will you take a video of you dancing to our new cathedral pearls song so we can use it in a music video? i miss dancing with you to james pants. <3

  2. oh my goodness. this is the most lovely natural everyday thing i have seen a "blogger" do in ages. my friend dances just like you and i LOVE it! keep being yourself, because you're great!


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