Vintage Stand Display and Set-Up


Hi lovelies,

Today I just wanted to share my stall set up for Augenschmaus that we had last weekend.  I am quite happy with it. Hilda looked great, the globe was easy to see, and I had a nice corner spot that invited people to walk "in" to my shop.

 One thing I will do differently next time is make the racks a bit higher.  They came up to about my shoulders. It was fine but making them just a tad higher  would have given the over all look a bit more empty space and not feel so scrunched.
We used a smaller car than usual so we couldn't bring any tables or many boxes. We resorted to quite a low down jewelry and scarf display. (you got to work with what we get!)

I love setting up for live, local sales.  Displaying things is a fun challenge.

What do you think of my set up, would you change anything?



to see a quick video clip of it click here!  Dominik is so hansom 

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