Vintage Pop Up Shop Displays


I have been wanting to share the contents of my shop for some time and I am finally able to share a few displays and glimpses into my shop.  I took these about a week ago and already things have changed quite a bit.  I am constantly switching things around and trying new stuff out.  But I am delighted to share what it looked like when I first opened.  

My shop is in the ehemalige Feuerwache (Old Fire Station).  It has been a challenge and a delight to incorporate my products into the firefighterness of the space and building.  It's been a great experience setting up a physical space.

I am a proud owner of an online vintage shop and a local Pop Up Shop.  It is a whole lot of work and I always feel a bit behind but I am trying to take it in and enjoy it! 

Thanks for reading and supporting me lovelies! 

Liebe Grüße,  (loving greetings) 


I'd be honored if you shared about my business and adventures with your friends and family. 

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