Birthday Wishlist


On the 27th of May I turn 27 years old...

Dominik asked me to make a birthday wishlist... So here you go hansom.

1. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
I've heard great things about this book from friends and family. Anne Lamott's writing is hilarious and heart wrenching. Bird by Bird  has been on my reading list for some time now.
2. Swedish Hasbeens
These shoes just seem so wicked. I imagine them being the fancier version of Birkenstocks which I love.
3. this highwaisted bikini bottom
This is something that would be great to have, though it might not be too hard to make.
4. photostudio lights
I have been contemplating getting some studio lights.  They would be very practical especially for the winter months, being dependent on natural light is tough with cold dark winters in Germany.
5. Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferris
This book would be a fun and inspiring read.  It is al about learning fast and making life easier.

Swedish Hasbeens have been on a few of my wishlists and the book Bird by Bird.  hmmm.  If I don't get those for my birthday maybe I should save up for them myself and splurge...

Are any of you who don't know me personally surprised by my age?


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  1. What a good present would be the studio lights!
    When I first met your blog I thought you where older than me, but when you turn 26 I found out your real age.


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