time is flying


The Maiglöckchen (May Bells, Lilly of the Valley) have bloomed.  That means it is almost my birthday, my Pop Up Shop is almost to an end, and the summer is near.  I love Lilly of the Valley.  They are so small, inconspicuous, very easy to miss.  I treasure their delicate form and the quick fleeting beauty.

We have some fun things planned for the next few weeks.
-There's a jewelry making workshop at my shop this weekend, two friends are leading it.
-Dominik and I are heading to a festival in Mainz called Open Ohr for the weekend, to celebrate my birthday.
-Dominik is going on a solo tour in Germany for 12 days, and won't be here for my birthday, I won't hold it against him.  It is a great opportunity. And his solo show is getting wicked!  He has a crazy one man band set up for his shows.

These things I want to treasure and appreciate while they are happening. I want to slow down time. I want to genieß it, take it in, savor it.  These times are precious and full of beauty.  I want to be thankful and very present.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

have a goose day


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