Vintage Shop Owner Style: hesitant spring


 I've been feeling like spring wants to come, some days are cold others are roasting.  My plants on the windowsill are yearning to get outside. But I don't trust the weather to risk planting them outside.  If a frost comes the poor baby plants won't stand a chance.  It's also a tricky time to get dressed in the morning. It is rainy and chilly in the morning and then midday it is sunny and hot.

I'm wearing an altered silk blouse, my husband's jeans, my favorite vintage shoes, and a necklace from Glorione.  It's a nice spring outfit because it's not too hot during the day, but when it gets chilly at night I can put a cardigan on and am protected against the brisk breeze at night. I ride home on my bike in the evenings after I close up shop which is normally a bit nippy.  I'm excited about the warm summer nights.

 These shoes have almost seen the end of their days.  They are vintage and I wore them every day for about 3 years and now I can only wear them on very dry days because the soles have holes in them.  I will miss them when I finally get rid of them.

What are your dressing for spring tips?  


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