Vintage Shop Owner Style


I have been reflecting a whole lot about my shop these past few days, since I am only open a few more days.  It's pretty incredible that it's almost over.

 I am really glad that I took the chance and did a pop up shop.  It was only for 6 weeks and it was only three hours most days but it was a great chance to have a taste at owning a local shop and having a bit more of a local presence.

I definitely didn't make millions, haha but I will come just above even.  There are a few things I would change and look for in another pop up shop.  But I'll talk about that in another post.

I first want to thank everyone who came to visit at the shop and thank you especially to those of you who bought something.

I have a sale of 50% off all vintage in my local and online shop until this Friday the 31st.  Come by!  I am also open on Thursday though it is a holiday. (for 50% off in my online shop use code POPUP2013)

Have a great day!


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