home body



Dominik has been off at a bachelor party since yesterday.  I have been catching up on some much needed alone time.  I am quite introverted and I have been feeling the wanting to be alone itch for quite sometime so it worked out perfectly. 

As I lazed about, read and rearranged a bit I snapped some photos of some pretty little peeks of our home.  

 I love our home and like I said yesterday am delighted to have more time to spend in it.

It's funny how tricky it is to know what I need.  I usually don't realize what I need until I have become grumpy and am wondering what is going on.  I'm hungry, thirsty, in need of sleep or alone time, they are my needs.  When I start to get tired and cranky it is most likely one of those things that I am missing. Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky wrote about being an introvert a few weeks ago.  It was encouraging to read.  I am not ashamed of being a home-body, introvert.

Are you one too?


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