Pop Up Shop Pros and Cons


Before I forget what it was like to have a pop-up-shop, I thought I would reflect on some of the pros and cons of taking on this envevour.   I'll start with the cons...

Poor location:
Location was too out of the way.
Next time I would open a shop on a street with foot traffic and a big store front window.

It's not forever:
We had to tear it all down once we were done.
It's hard to establish my local business for just 6 weeks, but it was actually a great opportunity to promote my online shop and blog.

It is tiring owning a local business:
I was really tired after the 6 weeks of being open, 6 nights a week.  I have been enjoying being at home, reading books, and eating dinner with my husband since being closed.

I learned a whole lot! 
What to do next time.
How to run workshops.
Success and failures for press write ups.
What customers want when shopping for clothes, i.e. mirrors, places to sit, friends to talk to about their picks.   Men want places to sit, things to read, and they love playing Nintendo. 

-It's not forever:
I am now free to invest a lot more time in our home, my husband and my blog. 

-New customers:
I got a write up in the local paper and quite a few locals heard about me.
They were delighted to see that a cool vintage shop was in town! 

-Having a space to work outside of home:
I liked going to the shop and working and then coming home and resting.  It was much easier to separate work from rest. Now after being home for a few weeks, I have to resist the urge to be working all the time. 

-Felt like part of a community:
It was really nice being at he Ehemahlige Feuerwache, there were a whole lot of other creative business owners that were around.  It was nice to say hi and encourage each other in our endeavors. 

-Cost Effective:
I only paid two month rent and gave it my all.  The time pressure really encouraged me to do a lot of promotion and to hold workshops and to try to get people in the space before it was over. 

-Supporting other local designers:
I was so happy to sell some of the work of other local designers.  I sold quite a bit for a few of them and it was nice to collaborate and to share the opportunity.

And one of the great things about it is having a pop up shop is that even now that it is over  it, brought new readers and customers to my online shop.  I also made quite a few contacts.

The best thing of all was seeing people come into the shop, or hear about me opening a shop locally and their eyes lit up when walking in.

They were seeing me do something that I love and they were inspired to follow their passions and try new things.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on my Pop-Up-Shop.
Did it inspire you in any way?



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