Pinhole Photography


Some of our friends that live in an old farm house down by lake Constance have a dark room.  We went down to visit them a few weeks ago and played with photography.  It was such a wonderful time experimenting and creating just for the sake of it.   

The main photography highlight were our homemade pinhole cameras.  They were made of old tins.  We poked a hole in one side of the tin and then in the dark,we taped light sensitive paper on the other side of it.  After closing the tin tight and covering up the hole, we walked outside and placed our cameras steady for exposure.   We removed our finders from I front of the hole to let the light in and then waited, counting the minutes of exposure. 

My camera's hole was larger so the best exposures were about 2 minutes.  My friend Amy's camera (tin) had a smaller hole so it required more exposure of about 5 minutes. 

Here are some of our results. 

 And their positives….

What do you think?  

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