Monday, December 2, 2013

Olive Delights: 2.12.2013

Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

1. It's the holiday season and I love it!  I am a big fan of Gleuwein and holiday cheer!

2. I brought out the christmas decoration box and found this tree branch and decorated our tiny "christmas tree."  We put off thanksgiving until this week.  We only invite a few Germans every year so they don't even know when it is supposed to be.  I look forward to hosting some lovely friends at our home and eating a turkey.

3. This room looks cozy and simplistic.  I am inspired by places that are not cluttered but also have a cozy feeling about them.  I am all about making home homey.

4. I was drawing some sweaters the other night.  I am really loving pen drawing these days.  The strong thin line is really pleasing to my eye.

5. We met some friends at the Weinachtsmarkt over the weekend. It had been raining but it was wonderful to stand about drinking mulled wine and catch up with friends in the old city of Heidelberg.

6. I'm still dreaming of having a local shop with designy and vintagy things. So, my "display" Pinterest board is always being added to.

7. I've been collecting co-working space inspiration.  This place looks pretty wicked and multi-functional.

8. I always forget to put records on.  This week I remembered one day and it was so nice to hear some of my favorite tunes on vinyl.

9. Fresh flowers and plants indoors make such a difference when it is freezing outside.

10. Winter is a time when I get in such a style rut.  I got a new christmas sweater last week at a second hand shop and am loving its cozy and stylish nature.

What have you been up to this week?

Have you decorated?



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