Impressionist Photography


When in Amsterdam I was moved to take photographs.

We were discussing with friends about taking photographs when on holiday.  One friend said he doesn't bring a camera on holiday because he gets stressed by the pressure of capturing things.  He would much rather be fully there and enjoy the moment.  Though I agree with him that it is most wonderful to be present when visiting new places and having new experiences, photographing for me only enhances my appreciation of the moment all the more. My eye through the viewfinder leads me to look for details and to capture beautiful scenes and places that I encounter.

*These impressionistic photographs were some of my favourites captured in Amsterdam. They captured the light without the pressure being in focus. They capture my relaxing holiday wonderfully. 

Do you get stressed by photographing during holidays or does your camera enhance your experience?

Cheers Lovelies,


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  1. I allways take photos on my holidays, I love to watch them later and remember all the good moments


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