Van Gogh Museum


I always knew that Vincent Van Gogh could draw realistically and that he developed his own impressionistic style, but I didn't realise that he looked closely at and worked under artists to really improve his skill.  He valued learning and mastering the basics before growing into and finding his own style, the style we know which looks quick and uncalculated.

 What I loved most about the Van Gogh museum was that it really showed his development as an artist.  It showed him copying the work of other artists, trying out various styles, and we could even have a peek into his sketchbooks.  What a treat.

In just 10 short years as an artist Vincent created over 2,000 artworks.  That's about 18 works a month.  He was definitely a tortured soul, but my was he motivated and prolific.

I was inspired and wished I could have brought my art students along to the museum.  I'm inspired to  practice like the old masters and find my own new art styles.

Here's to you, Vincent.

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