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When I surf the web for home "inspiration" often I find images that don't inspire me but make me feel as if I  should change.  This occurs when I see clean minimalistic images, with barely any belongings and in the most wonderful homes. As you can see in the image above my desk, this is not the case in my home. The photos I see all over the web are ones with one lonely chair next to a window, 3 pieces of clothing on a clothes rack, or a white desk void of any trace of life. I think these scenes look lovely and I tell myself that is the better way to live.

It may be the better place to meditate or clear your head.  But they would not be the best places for me to live.

Who's entry way can look like this?  Not me, a married lady living in cold Germany, with more than one coat, purse, shoes and scarf.  

Our entry way looks a bit different.

Wow look at this white kitchen.

Though those clean images look great and somehow make me believe I would have a better life if my place looked like that, I know this is neither true, nor truly desirable to me.

My word for 2014 is grateful.

This also means to be grateful for myself. I have believed most of my life that my nature is not good enough and it needs to be changed. My collecting and my home decorating should also be changed. A minimalistic home is better, but the truth is, I would not feel at home in a bare minimalistic home. I need to be surrounded by beautiful things and I have my own style of arranging them in a way that is pleasing to the eye.  Sometimes I need to purge and scale down, but my home and the way we have it is just fine.  It is actually wonderful.

When friends come over, they always mention how comfortable and cozy our home is.  I would not want it any other way.  It is lived in and inviting. We really live at our home and we love it. And our space tells just that. I don't want to fight against my home decorating nature. I commit to being grateful for it.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Those minimalistic spaces are clean, relaxing and beautiful, but I can't feel at home too. For me a home is confortable but, as you said, with things that I like -decoration or just random stuff- Sometimes a purge is needed, yes, but I feel better in maximalism,

  2. Though I understand your point, I see those "clean" places as kind of a challenge nevertheless:

    It actually IS helpful to, for example, have a specific place for everything in the flat. Also, for me, it is important to have a "clear sight" at things, that is: I rather put things into boxes (systematically sorted) or "hide" them behind doors so that they are easy to find, but don't disturb or distract me. It doesn't work in every room and every corner, mainly for the lack of money and also, perseverence, from my part. But I try to improve it slowly, but surely as I like to systematically order things.

    Also, I love "design", but not by compromising with a useful approach and liveable solutions. To me, it doesn't make any sense to have beautiful rooms that are, however, not of any use to me myself. People I know have a wonderful designed (and very pricy, too) new built-in kitchen. The problem is: You cannot cook in it!

    1. I agree!

      It is good to have a place for everything. My mama would always say, "a place for everything and everything in its place." I agree with this and do organise a lot.

      Thanks for sharing!




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